Homemade dog food recipes vet approved for small dogs

When acquiring homemade dog food recipes, one of the main questions becomes which food is vet approved for the small dogs. Growth, development, well-being and overall health of the dog depend on proper nutrition. Many are faced with the problem of choosing: natural feeding or dry dog ​​food. There is no one common point of view on this matter, since each method has its own pros and cons.

look vet approved homemade dog food recipesProper nutrition is the basis of health and longevity. Any pet, regardless of breed, needs a complete diet.

First of all, it should be remembered that animals easily recognize a grain pacifier when they refuse such a product. In some, various flavors, flavor enhancers are added, prompting animals to the product of this particular manufacturer. Ignore products that contain too many different, obscure ingredients. We recommend that you carefully study the composition before purchasing.

When a puppy appears in the house, the first thing the owners do is start to study the rating of dog food. It is very convenient to use here  drying as the main homemade dog food recipes. Therefore, very often owners try to transfer their dog to nutrient granules.

Well-balanced nutrition is the key to the health and good physical shape of any animal. Lack of vitamins, proteins, minerals can lead to abnormal development, slow down growth and harm health. In industrial crackers, everything has already been calculated, taken into account. Dry granules contain all the necessary components for the harmonious development of the puppy, for an active and happy life, for the well-coordinated work of the body.

Benefits of vet approved homemade dog food for a long time

  • Nothing needs to be calculated;
  • Contains vegetables, fruits, cereals, oils;
  • It is easy to calculate the daily rate;
  • Contains a set of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals;
  • Contains enough protein for your daily requirement;
  • You can take it with you on the road;
  • Does not require special storage conditions can be stored at room temperature.


New brands declare themselves and begin to actively promote their products. Anyone who has a pet for the first time cannot quickly navigate among the assortment in order to choose food for his pet.

What reviews need to be considered when choosing Redford dog food?

reviews of Redford dog food

Answering this question, you cannot be guided solely by the price or conditional class (economy, premium, super premium).

First of all, you need to pay attention to the Redford Naturals reviews and recall, the guaranteed indicators indicated on the package. Carefully study the manufacturer what he produces and how long, how famous he is, whether he has his own website bestdogfood.expert. It is important to identify the manufacturer, not the seller (brand owner)
Next, we choose the most suitable one in terms of age, size, lifestyle (activity).

There is no need to save on feed, too cheap one consists of the same Redford dry dog food ingredients, but a high price does not guarantee quality. A responsible approach to the choice will allow you to avoid problems with the dog's health and save on veterinary services.
How to choose a product

Dog food is worth buying depending on the characteristics of the pet itself. For example, you need to take into account the age of the animal. Food for babies should be more nutritious, high in protein, because the dog is growing, and for this it needs nutritional components. In addition, the body of small pets is weaker, so it reacts sharply and negatively to any errors in food.


Kirkland Dog Food Review for adult dogs

bestdogfood.expertThus, dry Kirkland puppy food is clearly different from that for adult dogs. They do not need that amount of protein, as well as calcium and phosphorus, as their excess can negatively affect the pet's health. For example, problems with internal organs may arise, stones may appear in the bladder, and even the structure of the bones may change. Therefore, Kirkland dry food for adult dogs should be chosen as carefully as for puppies.

An elderly dog ​​is considered after it has lived more than half the life expectancy for its breed. Such pets especially need vitamins and minerals, as age-related changes begin and various diseases may appear. Kirkland Food for older dogs is less nutritious, as they tend to be obese. It contains a large amount of fiber, because at this age there are often problems with digestion. Review Kirkland Food for older dogs is usually smaller, as they no longer have such strong teeth.

The amount of protein depends on the activity of the pet:

  1. the more active the lifestyle
  2. the correspondingly more protein it needs

It is worth taking into account the breed of the dog, as it can also have its own characteristics. For example, long-haired animals need food that contains beneficial substances for the coat and helps to maintain it in proper condition. Before buying, you should carefully read the packaging, study its composition, and also pay attention to the expiration date. It is not advisable to buy the product by weight, as it may not be fresh. Choose the best Kirkland dry dog food vet approved, you should not save a lot in this matter, because first of all it concerns the life and health of the pet.