Can I feed my dog ​​only dry chewy dog food?

Dry chewy dog food or organic food? If you decide to get a dog, you will have to face this choice. Just a few years ago, most people preferred natural food, but today almost everyone will confidently vote for ready-made diets. Let's take a look at what are the advantages of dry food and what are its disadvantages.


  • Dry pet food saves time. If you feed them to your dog, you don't have to waste time looking for food and preparing dinner for your four-legged friend. With dry chewy dog food, everything is simple. By purchasing a large package, you plan your diet for several weeks or even months in advance.
  • These products are a guarantee of health. Premium balanced Victor dog food reviews on website fully meets the needs of the pet's body and saturates it with all the nutrients necessary for proper development. By choosing the right super premium line, you are making a huge contribution to the health and beauty of your dog.
  • Dry Victor dog food is a set serving size. You do not have to calculate the rate yourself. Detailed recommendations for daily volume are indicated directly on the package.
  • There is no need to purchase additional vitamin and mineral complexes. The composition of quality prepared food is carefully balanced. The recommended dry serving size is in line with your dog's daily nutritional requirements.

If you are feeding your dog good quality dry food and following the feeding guidelines, there is no need to include other foods in its diet. As a variety, you can give the dog ready-made wet food of the same class as the food. And preferably the same brand.

  • These products are right for your pet. A wide range of dry food for dogs is available in modern pet stores. The diets differ not only in taste, but also in purpose. There are lines designed for large, small and medium breeds, adults, senior dogs and puppies, as well as special functional and dietary ones, taking into account the individual needs of the pet and its lifestyle (active, inactive). Among the variety of products presented, you can easily select the option that suits your pet.
  • Dry chewy dog feeding is convenient to take with you on the road, while natural food turns into a big problem during the trip. You not only need to find a hotel where you can stay with your pet, but also get access to the kitchen to prepare food.
  • Such products are profitable. Even high quality dry food is cheaper than quality natural food.


  1. Dry chewy food for dog of the economy class has a low-quality composition and, rather, has a negative effect on the animal's body.
  2. Incorrectly selected products can cause allergic reactions and indigestion.
  3. Dry premium pet feed diets should not be diluted with natural foods. This combination is a guarantee of serious digestive disorders and a provocateur of diseases. In order to diversify the diet, dry ones are combined with wet ones from the same manufacturer.
  4. It is not recommended to change food. If the line does not suit the dog for some reason, it is necessary to switch to the diet of another series or manufacturer in stages, gradually mixing. A sudden change in feed or a switch to natural products (and vice versa) is a serious stress for the body.

So, we have listed the main pros and cons of dry food. But whichever type you prefer, do not forget that quality remains the main thing in this matter. Both a ready-made super-premium class diet and really high-quality natural Victor products will be useful for the dog. Conversely, economical feed and natural by-product based foods will not do much good for the body.

Approach the formation of the diet responsibly, because the health and quality of life of your dog depends on it.